The Circle

Interact virtually with chapters and members from around the world through The Circle, Sigma’s online members community and professional networking site. Create networks of members based on location, area of expertise, certifications and more.

Why visit The Circle?

The Circle was developed to connect members with each other, their chapters, regions, headquarters and with the benefits and services of membership.

The Circle gives members a place to have questions answered by fellow Sigma nurses, discover resources, participate in thoughtful industry discussion, and volunteer with the organization.

What can you do on The Circle?

  • Access library resources

  • Add other members as contacts

  • Check out your chapter website

  • Post questions or discussion topics

  • Visit the Career Center

  • Find local and international volunteer opportunities

How can I get started?

If you are a Sigma member, all you will need is your email address and seven-digit member number.

Watch a brief tutorial on the Frequently Asked Questions page to get started today! Chapter leaders can receive training for their chapter websites in the All Chapter Officers workgroup in The Circle.