Promoting Nursing Scholarship

By Catherine Best posted Wed July 04,2018 12:03 PM

Having presented at the Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) 4th Biennial European Conference at Anglia Ruskin on 4th June I can speak personally of the buzz that was all around us and the great opportunity it presented to network.

At such events nurses can often feel motivated to take on new roles and maintain new contacts made. Sadly however, as we move back into our everyday lives this commitment can soon fade. So why not make it this year that you do something different. Maintain those contacts, take on that role and support other nurses. One of the key note speeches made by Dr Elizabeth Madigan on the first full day of the conference told of the many opportunities to become involved with STTI. How it’s possible to make connections with others, develop new skills, become a mentor or mentee, (or both) and even step into the world of reviewer for the Journal of Nursing Scholarship and/or Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing. Never done this before? If you meet the requirements, why not take a chance and give it a go. No publications under your belt yet? Why not seek support from STTI members. If you have published, you have some great skills that you can use to help others. Nurses voices must be heard, one way to do this is through publishing in all its forms. For nurses in the U.K. it’s also a great way to meet the needs of revalidation. Why not join The Circle and create interesting discussions and debates. Join a group within your Chapter and commit to being involved. This year I became a member of the Communications team of the Phi-Mu Chapter. This will be a great opportunity to foster new relationships, promote new thinking, create new ideas, network and raise the profile of the Chapter. A few months ago I wasn’t even on social media and here I am volunteering to be on the Communications team!

Nurses do great things every single day but we can do more. What it often needs is the support of other nurses; and that’s up to us. 

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Catherine Kelsey,
University of Bradford, UK


Tue December 11,2018 06:36 AM

Thank you for sharing your story Janet. It is a great  time to create new goals and make new connections. We never really know what we can achieve, until we decide we can. 


Tue November 27,2018 03:01 AM

Thanks for your post Catherine.  I have personal experience of the benefits of Sigma.  It is a lesser known nursing organisation in the UK at the moment (we will change this!) but huge in many other parts of the world and so the networking opportunities are fantastic!  I have made a number of collaborations which have not only been enjoyable but helped my career too.  I would never have thought that one day I would be Chapter President but here I am! As Catherine says you need to take the first step to get involved.  If you don't know who to contact then email one of the regional hub leads and they will help you: Janet (me) for the South; Liz for the Midlands; Steve for the north
Best wishes

Thu July 19,2018 09:26 AM

Thank you for this Blog post Catherine (or is it Anita?)!
Indeed, the experiences at the Biennial Conference were thrilling and encouraging. Getting involved is an important part of making the best out of a membership at Sigma. However, we all know, that there are too many things one wants to get involved with. Therefore, I think, taking a step at the time is a good way forward. I became involved in the European Membership Involvement Committee as a delegate of the Phi Mu Chapter and even though we are a great group of people, we had to accept, that only small steps can be achieved due to all of our commitments everywhere. However, we are going to held the 4th annual Postgraduate Research Student Virtual Scholarly event in November (see my post in the discussion section), which will be quite a bit of work for everyone involved but well worth it.
So yes, let's keep up the networking in our great community at Sigma and let's try to get more people involved to make a difference for many!
Best wishes
Peter Wolfensberger 
PS: I'm also on Twitter @pwolfensberger​