Members Research Interest

The Phi Mu Chapter community has a significant number of members who have various interests in research, currently undertake research, have received prestigious research awards and/or would be interested in developing their research portfolio.

The Phi Mu Chapter offers the unique opportunity of connecting with other members based on their shared interests via The Circle. The Circle is Sigma's online networking community where members can connect with others from our chapter or from other chapters across the world. To best benefit from this platform, you, as member, need to keep your profile updated. The Circle offers you the opportunity to see who is a member of the Chapter and Sigma, check their interests and bios and connect via online messaging (each member has the responsibility of keeping their profile updated).

Enjoy using The Circle in connecting with others and developing working partnerships and research.

To better understand The Circle and how best to use it, please watch a video HERE

For access to The Circle, click HERE.